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Webinar – Advancing Forensic Capabilities Via Natural Sciences: Fingerprints, Fluids, Fish Oil And … A Gerbil?!

Dr Paul Kelly, Society For Natural Sciences

Date: May 17 Time:13:30 – 14:15

Event Categories: BiologyChemistryHE Application & Student LifeInformation TechnologyLawMathematicsPhysics

Ever wondered how to image a fingerprint that is no longer there? How to make yourself see better in the dark, or how to show what that worrying looking stain on the wall might be? Oh, and how to clamp down on any gerbils who may be planning a life of crime?!

Never fear, here we have the answers. In this talk Dr Paul Kelly will show how Natural Sciences have contributed to such cross-disciplinary research and helped shape entirely new approaches to aspects of forensic science. This includes inventing and commercialising a system capable of retrieving fingerprints from fired ammunition casings and bomb fragments.  Using these examples, we will think what the study of Natural Sciences means for student employability and careers in general.

Dr Kelly is a Reader in Inorganic Chemistry who lectures on a number of modules taken by Natural Sciences students at Loughborough University. In this event, he is representing the Society for Natural Sciences, a national learned society that promotes interdisciplinary science education and research.

Banner caption: Neural cells cultured in vitro.