Natural Sciences Accreditation Scheme

The Society for Natural Sciences are delighted to launch their accreditation scheme for UK-based Natural Sciences degree programmes. Full details of how the scheme will work are outlined in the accreditation handbook and associated application form. A list of currently accredited courses can be found here.

We have now passed the accreditation cycle for 2021, but if you would like more information or to be considered for the cycle in 2022 please get in touch with us at Dates will be updated here.

Accreditation Handbook

Intention to Apply for Accreditation

Accreditation Application Form

To support the ongoing accreditation cycle The Society of Natural Sciences is seeking to recruit academic accreditors to serve on the accreditation panels conducting accreditation of Natural Sciences degree programmes. 

If you are interested in becoming an Academic Accreditor for Natural Sciences programmes please click here for more info.