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The Society for Natural Sciences (SNS) is a professional body for scientists, educators and students working across the discipline boundaries of science. 

“Promoting Interdisciplinary Science Education and Research”

Many of the technical issues of sustainability in energy and material resources, advances in technology and medicine, that are now faced by society are interdisciplinary. Natural scientists are in the vanguard of scientists who can cross disciplines to help tackle these problems and contribute to a better life for all.

To address these issues the Society for Natural Sciences:

  • Runs outreach activities for schools, holds conferences for undergraduate students and meetings with employers.
  • Provides information about opportunities for natural sciences.
  • Accredits degree programmes: accredited courses are at least comparable in standard with single discipline degrees.

Register now to become a part of our community to contribute your story to the website to encourage others to cross the discipline boundaries; get information from employers and about events!

If you are an academic institution, company or clinician wanting to be involved we’d love to hear from you.


Latest news

Global Challenges Need Interdisciplinary Scientists To Solve Them – Is Fusion A Solution To The Energy Crisis?

Channel Talent Seminar – Professor Roddy Vann, Society For Natural Sciences – click here for more info November 18 @ 12:45 – 13:45 Professor Roddy Vann is from the Department of Physics at University of York. In this session, Roddy represents the newly formed Society for Natural Sciences, a national learned society that promotes interdisciplinary science education and […]

Exciting next steps in Natural Sciences: CASE PhD Awards.

If you are looking for a fully-funded PhD studentship in interdisciplinary approaches to bioscience problems you might consider the industry-linked LIDo DTP CASE portfolio announced recently for September 2021 starts. https://www.lido-dtp.ac.uk/apply/apply-icase-studentship The companies involved in the projects range from micro, start-up scale to global players.  Research will be largely at London universities with significant industrial […]

Chanel Talent

Medical Imaging & Natural Sciences: Unlocking The Brain – Using Interdisciplinary Science To Tackle Unsolved Problems. Dr Chris Brignell, Society for Natural Sciences Date: October 21 Time: 12:30 – 13:30 Virtual Presentation Registration Link There are many unsolved scientific problems, such as how to cure cancer or how to stop climate change. Finding the answers […]

Channel Talent

A few months ago, before we were exposed to Sars-Cov-2, I gave a talk to a school: over an hour to get there by  train, an 20 minute walk to the school, half an hour waiting (having arrived early so as not to miss the slot),  45 minutes hour to talk to, as it turns […]

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