Welcome to the Society for Natural Sciences

The Society for Natural Sciences (SNS) is a professional body for scientists, educators and students working across the discipline boundaries of science. 

“Promoting Interdisciplinary Science Education and Research”

Many of the technical issues of sustainability in energy and material resources, advances in technology and medicine, that are now faced by society are interdisciplinary. Natural scientists are in the vanguard of scientists who can cross disciplines to help tackle these problems and contribute to a better life for all.

To address these issues the Society for Natural Sciences:

  • Runs outreach activities for schools, holds conferences for undergraduate students and meetings with employers.
  • Provides information about opportunities for natural sciences.
  • Accredits degree programmes: accredited courses are at least comparable in standard with single discipline degrees.

As a Society we are keen to support the equality of experience of Natural Sciences students alongside other specialist subjects during Covid. Our equality statement can be found here.

Register now to become a part of our community to contribute your story to the website to encourage others to cross the discipline boundaries; get information from employers and about events!

If you are an academic institution, company or clinician wanting to be involved we’d love to hear from you.

Should you have any need for dissemination of excellent activity across the Natural Sciences, or want to engage with the Society, please get in touch with us via the ‘web enquires’ form here.


Latest news

E-Seminar: Blended Gold Standard PBL- Issues and Achievements

The Society for Natural Sciences Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Group will be hosting monthly lunchtime online seminars throughout 2021 to support dissemination and discussion of best practice in an interdisciplinary science education. These informal webinars have an introductory presentation from a member of the network followed by question and answers/discussion. Subjects scheduled so far include: assessments, […]

Accreditation Scheme Open for Submissions of Interest

The Society for Natural Sciences is delighted to launch their accreditation scheme for UK-based Natural Sciences degree programmes. Full details of how the scheme will work are outlined in the accreditation handbook and associated application form. which can be found here.

Natural Sciences Seminar: A Long Way From Home!

Using Interdisciplinary Science To Investigate The Long-Range Transport & Fate Of Polluting Chemicals In The Arctic June 14 @ 13:30 – 14:30 Professor Cris Halsall, Society For Natural Sciences There are an array of chemicals (certain pesticides, industrial chemicals etc) that are very persistent in the environment and pose a health risk to humans and wildlife. Some […]

Society for Natural Sciences Learning and Teaching e-Seminars- May event

The Society for Natural Sciences Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Group are hosting a series of monthly lunchtime online seminars in 2021 to support dissemination and discussion of best practice in an interdisciplinary science education. These informal webinars take place online 13.00-14.00 on the final Thursday of each month and start with an introductory presentation from […]

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