It is quick and easy to become a member of the Society, with options available for personal membership as a student or academic, or on request you can have a whole undergraduate student cohort registered for membership.

Please visit the membership page and fill out your details.

Member Benefits

Become part of the community to share your love of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary science; meet others in the network with similar ambitions; contribute your story and passion for working at the interface between the disciplines. Being a member allows you to interact with others and develop your own profile as a Natural Scientist, search amongst other members for tool and technologies that may open up your opportunities for research, and ask questions of those who are studying or working in areas that interest you.

On joining the Society you will be

  • contributing to the development of a new professional body for science graduates
  • helping to support interdisciplinary science education and to recruit students to science

Cohorts of Natural Sciences students tend to be relatively small and widely distributed. Society membership enables employers to gain visibility for interdisciplinary projects across the member institutions.

If you wish to become a member institution please contact us, or fill in your details directly via the membership form.

We are working closely with UK Natural Sciences course directors, but do welcome anyone from academia or industry to engage with the Society. The UK is graduating more and more multidisciplinary scientists every year with key transferable skills and true focus on what they want to achieve. We are keen to work with industry and other sectors who might have specific interests and requirements at the interface between the disciplines. Our students are amongst the most highly qualified; having excellence in their performance and grades on entry to our courses, which serve as firm standing for high targets within their degree. Many will conduct high quality independent research during their degree.