Society Journal

New Directions in the Teaching of Natural Sciences

The Society hosts a journal to showcase and disseminate innovation and research in the teaching of Natural Sciences in higher education. The journal promotes developments within an interdisciplinary space, both in teaching and learning, aimed to support practitioners and the wider natural sciences community.

We encourage evidence-based teaching, through sharing of ideas and innovations, particularly encouragement of developments and advances in their early stages.

There are five sections to the journal:

  • Editorial and opinion pieces on policy issues
  • Community Directions: This section will consist of short reports of innovations or developments in teaching. These should be written in an accessible style for a general audience. Short reports of conference presentations may be appropriate for this section.
  • Research Directions: This section will contain peer reviewed research articles on pedagogy and outreach in higher education. These articles should be directed towards evidence-based developments in teaching and learning and in the delivery of outreach. The journal will be pleased to receive reports of the preliminary findings of research subject to appropriate standards of scholarship.
  • Pedagogic Direction: Reviews of topics in pedagogic research and innovative practice
  • Book reviews: the journal will continue to publish reviews of books received

In order to promote innovative work in pedagogy in the physical sciences the journal also contains highlights from conferences and other publications. 

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