As a Society we want to provide valuable resources to help students, teachers and the general public become more aware of what can be acheived at the interface between the disciplines. We are very engaged in promoting good teaching practice, and support studies in Natural Sciences through various activities.

For prospective university applicants thinking about studying Natural Sciences as a degree, we provide insight into the types of careers students can progress into, and things to consider when choosing your course. More information can be found here. We also ensure aulity of UK Natural Sciences courses through direct engagement with heads of departments across the country, and accreditation of courses. This is a rigourous process to benchmark quality and diversity of study at the interface between multiple discipines.

Being part of our society as a student member means that you can network with like-minded individuals and connect via our membership network portal. This is a safe environement where you can find and link with other students, teachers and industrialists having a vision to work at the cutting-edge.
Dr Paul Roach, Loughborough University

Current graduate students are supported by our Society in a number of ways. As well as ensuring consistency, quality and academic standard of course delivery through coure accreditation by the Society of Natural Sciences, we encourage students to network and explore opportunities with other academics and students at our annual student conference. Each year we have aimed to hold a meeting where students can present their project work. This is an extremely interesting and engaging event, with high profile scientists often being invited to give keynote presentations. This is a chance for students to really see the vision and scope of Natural Sciences, and to meet eminent scientists who often also share stories of their interdisciplinary and multisectorial career journeys.

We share resources for those working in schools and higher education, with monthly pedagogic research seminars being hosted by Advanced HE. These are available to watch on demand by our members and include a variety of topics to help engage teachers and practitioners. If you join the seminars during the live sessions there are also lively discussions with the audience to help dissemination of best teaching practice. Our resources can be found here.

We also host a series of research seminars through Channel Talent, pitched at a relatively lay audience or highschool level education; the topics cover a whole range of research fields and we are always keen to hear from our community abot seminars that they might want to see. We provide these videos as well as supporting information for each of the seminars.

We are also actively engaged in delivering and supporting outreach programmes, with many of our academic members hosting events within and also virtually for school-age children, who might have an interst in STEM activities. These have included workshops within schools and academies, group visits to universities, hosting for work experience and placements (virtualy during covid) and many other examples.

The Society provides specific support for teachers, and we are very keen to grow our membership to continue to support our community.

Please do get inĀ touch to learn more, or join our Society through the various membership routes.