Natural Sciences

What is Natural Sciences?

Natural Sciences is the study of our physical world; exploring scientific and related topics without being confined by the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Natural Sciences degrees allow students to study more than one discipline at undergraduate level, combining subjects that match their own interests. While the specific structures of Natural Sciences programmes in the UK vary, they all provide a degree experience that encourage interdisciplinary thinking and takes students beyond discipline silos.

As the New Scientist reported “Forget biology, chemistry or physics – the most exciting research is happening at the interface of the disciplines”. If we consider some of our big scientific challenges or questions: climate change, astrobiology or nanotechnology, none can be solved by scientists from a single science background.  Scientist with an understanding across the science subjects are required and a Natural Sciences degree will provide students with the training they need for exactly these research challenges.

Careers for Natural Scientists

  • Civil Service
  • Science Communication
  • Forensic Science
  • Teaching
  • Scientific Sales or Recruitment
  • Post-graduate Medicine
  • Intellectual Property/Patent Law
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Accountancy
  • Governmental Policy

As you would imagine, many graduates go onto careers in interdisciplinary research areas either within industry or academia. However, a Natural Sciences programme also offers preparation for careers in:

Things to consider when choosing a Natural Sciences degree

  • Programme structure, which subjects/modules are offered and how they can be combined
  • Qualifications: most programmes require at least two sciences at A-level and often an A-level in Maths
  • Programmes with a Foundation Year- some institutions offer a BSc with Foundation for those who have not studied the required A-levels
  • Year in industry/sandwich Year
  • Study Abroad Placement

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