Society Objectives

The is a growing demand for scientists that are highly qualified in multiple disciplines with additional skills of communicating across the disciples and ability to work at multiple interfaces at discipline boundaries. Working together Universities in the UK are promoting awareness of this need. The Society supports this network across multiple sectors.

The main chartered objectives of the Society are:

  • To develop the awareness of the need for skilled interdisciplinary scientists in a broad range of subjects.
  • To encourage ambition and advance science at the interface between the disciplines.
  • To promote the propagation of scientific inter- and multi-disciplinary practice
  • To develop and support a network for the sharing and cross-pollination of information, opportunities and research within the Natural Sciences.
  • To run outreach activities for schools, hold conferences for undergraduate students and meetings with employers.
  • To work with other learned societies, scientific institutions, organisations, governmental and private bodies, to support the development of an open network.
  • To be proactive in the development of initiatives in support of inter-/multi-disciplinary science and Natural Sciences.
  • To set a bar for Natural Sciences structured qualifications in the UK through the development of an accrediting arm of the Science Society.