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Pedagogic Research Group

The Society for Natural Sciences Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Group will be hosting monthly lunchtime online seminars to support dissemination and discussion of best practice in an interdisciplinary science education. These informal webinars hosted via Advance HE have an introductory presentation from a member of the network followed by question and answers/discussion.

You will need to be a member of the society to watch these on demand seminars – so please do consider joining here.

Subjects scheduled so far include: assessments, interdisciplinary project work and evaluation of student skills. The seminars take place online 13.00-14.00 on the final Thursday of each month, and are open and free to attend (for both members of the Society and non-members).

Some of the previous sessions have covered topics such as “A Synoptic Approach to Learning,” “Pedagogical Games in Higher Education Mathematics,” and “Getting into Pedagogic Research.” These are well attended and recorded for you to watch on demand if you cannot attend the live sessions, which also include a lively discussion.

Details of future events can be found here:  

Recordings of the online seminars can be viewed here (available to members only

SNS PedR/SoTL group (

Chanel Talent Seminars

The Society for Natural Sciences also hosts online seminars targetted to audiences with a general interest in cutting edge research – these are pitched to those with a lay background of knowledge, or with high school-level understanding, so are broadly accessible for wide engagement.

Topics are wide ranging, and we encourage your comments, feedback and also your feed in for any topics that you would like to see in the future. Please contact us here.

Our seminar gallery can be found here.