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Social Media Summer Internships

The Society for Natural Sciences is a professional body for scientists, educators and students who work across the disciplinary boundaries in science. It exists to encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas among its members, share best practice for science education and interdisciplinarity, represent interdisciplinary science in education policy and promote the benefits of interdisciplinary science to prospective students, educators and industry.

This social media interns role is to support society activity on social media by generating ideas for content and producing content which can support our work to promote interdisciplinary science to prospective students, raise the profile of natural sciences and interdisciplinary science as a whole and raise the profile of the society and the work that it does.

The Society for Natural Sciences are looking for a few enthusiastic Natural Sciences students from one of our member institutions to help us to raise the profile of the work of the society and Natural Sciences. The role will entail regular online meetings with our Social Media Manager to discuss, plan and generate ideas for content and then independent work to create static and video content which can be used on our social media channels. The Social Media Interns will also take an overview of our digital presence and make suggestions for improvements and development.

Please see here for more details.

Banner caption: Spacefill molecules depicting various silane chemistries.