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Natural Sciences Seminar: A Long Way From Home!

Using Interdisciplinary Science To Investigate The Long-Range Transport & Fate Of Polluting Chemicals In The Arctic

June 14 @ 13:30 – 14:30

Professor Cris Halsall, Society For Natural Sciences

There are an array of chemicals (certain pesticides, industrial chemicals etc) that are very persistent in the environment and pose a health risk to humans and wildlife.

Some of these chemicals can undergo long range environmental transport and end up in very remote regions like the Arctic.

With a focus on organofluorine ‘forever’ chemicals Professor Cris Halsall (Director of Natural Sciences at Lancaster University) will explore the interdisciplinary science used to understand this issue as well as improve global chemical-use policy.

In this event, Cris is representing the Society for Natural Sciences, a national learned society that promotes interdisciplinary science education and research.

Banner caption: Neural cells cultured in vitro.