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e-Seminar: Disciplinary literacies in STEM

Our October Society for Natural Sciences Learning and Teaching e-Seminar: “Disciplinary literacies in STEM: What do undergraduates read, how do they read it, and can we teach scientific reading more effectively?” will be delivered by will be delivered by Katharine Hubbard (University of Hull) and will take place on Thursday 27th  October 2022 from 12.00-12.50. Please register via this event link to receive joining details prior to the event.

The Society for Natural Sciences Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Group host a series of monthly lunchtime online seminars to support dissemination and discussion of best practice in an interdisciplinary science education. These informal webinars take place online from 12.00-12.50 on the final Thursday of each month and start with an introductory presentation from a member of the network followed by question and answers/discussion. They are open and free to attend (for both members of the Society and non-members)- so do feel free to extend this invitation to colleagues!

 SNS PedR/SoTL group (

Banner caption: Neurons (green) growing on a bed of astroctytes (red). Blue highlights DNA in the cell nucleus.