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Advance HE Connect Event

We are delighted to announce our first Society for Natural Sciences event with Advance HE Connect: Getting into Research in Teaching and Learning in STEM

The Society is offering two on-line seminars designed as a guide for teaching staff in STEM in HE who may not have much, if any, experience of educational research, but who have some data on an existing project or are planning some new approach. Documenting interventions in education and their consequences has always been of value, but especially so in times of rapid adaptation such as have been brought about by the global pandemic. So, if you are involved in changing the way you teach, it is useful to approach this as a research project, documenting what you do and why, and evaluating the outcomes against your initial aims.

6 July 3.00-4.00pm The first seminar will focus on formulating a viable research question including some of the ethical issues involved

9 July 3.00-4.00 pm The second seminar will involve evaluating the research and writing it up for publication.

Presenters: Professor Derek Raine & Dr Sarah Gretton (University of Leicester)

The seminars are free and there is no need to register, but it would be helpful to let us know if you are planning to attend. It is anticipated that recordings of the session will also be available through Advance HE


Details of the meetings:

1. Topic: Getting into Research in Teaching and Learning in STEM 1. Research Questions

2. Topic: Getting into Research in Teaching and Learning in STEM 2. Dissemination

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