Channel Talent Seminar Gallery

The Society for Natural Sciences hosts virtual seminars enabling interaction with their community. Seminars are generally pitched at a broad audience and are accessible to a wide range of skill levels. Please see below our gallery of seminars for your interest.

Our Channel Talent programme delivers on-line sessions to schools and individuals introducing topics in contemporary science and informing potential undergraduates about degrees in Natural Sciences. Topics are wide ranging so please do keep an eye on our news and updates for upcoming seminars, or enjoy our recordings below. For each of the seminars the supporting materials for teaching and slides are available, and can be found within each seminar page.

Please browse seminars here. If you would like to leave a comment about our videos, or maybe tell us what other seminars topics you would like to see please do.

SeminarAstrobiology and Natural Sciences, Dr Sarah Gretton

SeminarMedical Imaging & Natural Sciences: Unlocking The Brain, Dr Chris Brignell

Seminar Is Fusion A Solution To The Energy Crisis? Professor Roddy Vann

SeminarHow Chemical Bonds Make Magic Materials, Dr Ilija Rasovic

SeminarNuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: how chemists can use physics to understand biology, Dr Tharin Blumenschein

Seminar – Natural Sciences: Is Fusion Power A Solution To The Energy Crisis? With Professor Roddy Vann, Society For Natural Sciences

Seminar – Astrobiology & Natural Sciences: Finding Life On Other Planets – Tutorial With Dr Sarah Gretton, Society For Natural Sciences

Seminar – Natural Sciences: Far From Home – The Interdisciplinary Science Of Chemical Pollution With Professor Crispin Halsall, Society For Natural Sciences

Seminar – Natural Sciences: Unlocking The Brain – Applications of Medical Imaging With Dr Chris Brignell, Society For Natural Sciences