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International Women’s Day

To celebrate international women’s day we are highlighting some of of members, their developing successes as budding scientists to those further in their careers.

Rhiannon Gibson

Rhiannon is the Natural Sciences School Representative at the University of Leeds and in her third year of study. Representing her course mates and making positive changes to improve everyone’s academic experience is one of the most rewarding aspects of the role. Her key areas are Chemistry and Biochemistry which she greatly enjoyed utilising during her industrial placement with AstraZeneca in an analytical chemistry role.

Lacrosse is a big part of Rhiannon’s normal university life and helps provide a good balance to her studies. More recently, she has tried to regain this by taking up rollerblading – a work in progress!

Looking to the future, Rhiannon is keen to pursue a career in science and is actively finding industries whose work inspire her to aim high and push herself to achieve the best of her abilities as she goes into her final year of university.

Rhiannon wishes the best of luck to all women looking to start their further education in science and couldn’t recommend a degree like Natural Sciences more!

Dr Katherine Selby

I have a truly interdisciplinary background with ‘A’ levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, a first class undergraduate degree in Geography with Environmental Studies, a PhD in Physical Geography, post-doctoral experience in Environmental Archaeology and two years working within industry as an Environmental Scientist. I then moved back into academia as an Open University Lecturer in Earth Sciences, a senior lecturer in Physical Geography at Bournemouth University, a joint appointment between Geography and Civil Engineering at the University of Southampton before moving to York where I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Environment and Geography. I have held, and presently hold, numerous senior management roles at York and have been awarded the Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority in recognition for my contribution to learning and teaching. 

I am passionate about Natural Sciences. The students are extremely committed and talented, and the staff who contribute exceptionally enthusiastic. Higher education is dynamic and rapidly evolving and it is vital that learning and teaching is constantly reviewed to keep it current. Interdisciplinary teaching enables students to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries and equip them with the skills and knowledge to solve global issues. 

My advice would be to find what ignites your passion. Be prepared to work hard to fulfil your potential and attain your goals. Enjoy the opportunities presented to you and appreciate the contribution of others to your ongoing, and evolving, learning journey.

Pooja Goddard

Pooja is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Loughborough University, being an EDI champion and keen to promote interdisciplinary science activities, her research research focusses on computational studies of fundamental processes in complex materials at the atomic/quantum scale. 

Dr Pooja Goddard, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry.

Favorite area of science: Computational Materials Science

Current Projects: Li ion Batteries, Thin Film Solar Cells and Nuclear Materials

Proudest Achievement: Being a woman of colour in science academia (there is not many of us) 😊

Biggest Inspiration: The film “Hidden Figures” about 4 black female scientist who worked for NASA during the Apollo Mission.

Dr Tharin Blumenschein

Associate Professor in the School of Chemistry and Head of the School of Natural Sciences at the University of East of Anglia. She uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to study protein structure, flexibility and interactions.

Banner caption: Montage of micro-fabricated devices for culturing cells in vitro.