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Seminar – A Trip Through a Carbon NanoZoo … And How The Natural Sciences Could Save Us

With Dr Ilija Rašović – Society for Natural Sciences

March 11th – 14:00 – 15:00

In this taster lecture, we’ll take a look at the fascinating world of carbon nanomaterials and investigate their roles in potential solutions to some of the most pressing technological questions humanity faces.

How can we wean ourselves off dependency on fossil fuels? How can we diagnose and treat diseases that still cause suffering to millions?

The most complex questions require a fresh perspective, and in this interactive session we’ll explore just how that’s possible through study of the Natural Sciences.

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – Online Seminars

The Society for Natural Sciences Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Group will be hosting the second of our monthly lunchtime online seminars for 2021 to support dissemination and discussion of best practice in an interdisciplinary science education. These informal webinars have an introductory presentation from a member of the network followed by question and answers/discussion. Subjects scheduled so far include: assessments, interdisciplinary project work and evaluation of student skills. The seminars will take place online 13.00-14.00 on the final Thursday of each month, and will be open and free to attend (for both members of the Society and non-members).

Our next seminar, Natural Sciences Learning and Teaching February e-Seminar: What’s the point of A-level science: Examining the impact of pre-university qualifications on success in interdisciplinary science” by Nicky King, ( Exeter University will take on Thursday 25th February 2021 from 13.00-14.00. Please register via this event to receive joining details on the morning of the event.

SNS PedR/SoTL group (

Seminar: Medical Imaging & Natural Sciences: Unlocking The Brain

There are many unsolved scientific problems, such as how to cure cancer or how to stop climate change. Finding the answers will require scientists of all disciplines (biologists, chemists, physicists, psychologists, mathematicians,…) working together.

In this talk, Dr Chris Brignell, Director of Natural Sciences and Associate Professor of Statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, at University of Nottingham, will examine what each branch of science can contribute.  He explains how advances in medical imaging are dependent on interdisciplinary science, and how we have used them to improve human health and scientific understanding.  Finally, we’ll discuss opportunities to study multiple science subjects at university.

Please click here to view this seminar or here to browse our video gallery.

Seminar: Astrobiology and Natural Sciences

As part of our on-going seminar series you can explore the possibilities for life across the Universe in this webinar on Astrobiology.

Dr Sarah Gretton, Natural Sciences (Life and Physical Sciences) Programme Director at University of Leicester, discusses how the Drake equation attempts to address the question of detecting intelligent life in the Universe. You will be challenged with key questions, such as “What do we need for life?” and “If life exists how do we detect it?”

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Banner caption: Electron microscope image of collagen fibres within a hydrogel.