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7th Annual Student National Conference

The 2024 Society for Natural Sciences Student Conference will take place in the beautiful city of Norwich, on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th April. This is an opportunity to meet with Natural Sciences students from across the country, and get some real-life experience in presenting your results – both poster and oral presentation opportunities will be available. We encourage finalists to present their final year research project, but students in any year can attend and present.  

Download this file here as a ppt to insert in your lecture slides – help us to promote this amazing opportunity to your students.

The Conference will take place at the University of East Anglia, starting around lunchtime on 4th April. The afternoon session will be followed by a conference dinner and social, and a morning session on 5th April, finishing around lunchtime. There’s plenty of affordable accommodation in Norwich if booked in advance. Our keynote speakers will be Prof of Volcanology, Jenni Barclay, and Prof of Evolutionary Biology, Ben Garrod – you may have seen him on the BBC.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Norwich in April!

Dr Tharin Blumenschein

Head of School for Natural Sciences, UEA

Banner caption: Data from FTIR map of chemical pattern.